Travels with Bernie, Circle of Life


Bernie and I were in Ephesus, Turkey, with Jim and Sandi, when our guide said, “Your Christ is under your feet!” We looked down and discovered a secret code, embedded in the wide, gray paving stones beneath our feet. I imagined that the apostle Paul—who preached on the steps of the amphitheater—walked around it and not over it as I did.

“It’s a pizza with eight slices,” said a boy bending down to touch it.

Our guide explained: “The capital letter I is a vertical line that means Jesus; the X means Christ; the circumference itself with a horizontal line running through it stands for Son; the Y symbolizes God, and the Greek S stands for Savior.”

Since that day, I’ve been more aware of the circles in my life. I think of a family circle of mourners,
who sit around the living room after the funeral. The members take up the slack, pulling the ring taut again.

I consider my church circle of fellowship and Bible study. When I hear Johnny Cash sing, I’m going to join that family circle at the throne,” I think of my loved ones who had preceded me to that glorious circle, and I am comforted.

I think of a round, a cycle, a compass, a halo, and a circle of friends. I think of them all, and especially the undercover Christian who carved the circle of Christ at Ephesus. I thank him for helping me see how our circle of Christianity spans many centuries, languages, and countries.

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