Celebrating George Washington’s 291st Birthday

On President’s Day, February 20, I attended the 149th Annual Meeting of the Washington Association of New Jersey, at the Madison Hotel in Morristown. I’ve been a member of this organization since I moved to New Jersey in 2014.

At the luncheon, I met a friendly group of Hessians who came to hear the guest speaker, Friederike Baer, talk about her new book, Hessians: German Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War. Out of the roughly 30,000 Hessians who came to America, approximately 5 to 6,000 settled here after the war.

How grand it was to talk to so many people who stopped by my book table to buy My Pilot during the social hour, before the luncheon commenced. What fun we had! Even George himself appeared to thank members and guests. New Jersey is home base for our country’s rich history of the Revolutionary War period, and I feel blessed to be a member of this notable organization.

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